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Verona 24 i

Wall hung gas combi boiler (open chamber)


General information

Verona i Verona RSiTAGLIATA


  • High efficiency
  • Suitable for room ventilated
  • Economical use of space do to compact dimensions
  • Mono-thermal combustion
  • Combustion continuous control (absence of fumes pressu­re switch)
  • Control panel with hydrometer
  • Self-diagnosis troubleshooting function
  • Use possible with NG or LPG
  • Ignition and control of flame with monoelectrode
  • Continuous output modulation in both heating and dome­stic hot water
  • Stainless steel domestic hot water plate heat exchanger
  • Domestic hot water temperature stabilization function
  • Instant and continuous domestic hot water even with low water pressure (0,15 bar)
  • 3-speed pump with an integrated automatic air vent
  • Possibility to connect a room thermostat
  • Easy mounting


  • Prompt and elegant user interface
  • Noiseless operation
  • Comply with EN 297 – EN 483
  • 3-ways valve anti-lock function
  • Boiler over-heat safety system

User interface:

A Display
B Function selector - Adjustment selector heating temperature
C Adjustment selector domestic hot water temperature - Function selector combustion analysis
D Pressure gauge

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front quotata BIANCO verona600laterale quotata BIANCO verona i

Dimensions in mm
 verona 24 i
MR Heating delivery 3/4” M
AC Hot water 1/2” M
G gas 3/4” M
AF Cold water 1/2" M
R Heating return 3/4” M


Attacchi idraulici BIANCO veronaCondotti aspirazione BIANCO verona i

Technical data

Technical data for: NG (G20) - LPG (G30) - LPG (G31)

  Verona 24 i
Nominal heat input heating/ domestic hot water (kW) 26,3
Nominal heat output heating/ domestic hot water (kW)    23,8
Reduced heat input heating (kW) 11,3
Reduced heat output heating (kW) 9,9
Reduced heat input domestic hot water (kW) 9,0
Reduced heat output domestic hot water (kW) 7,8
Useful efficiency Pn max (%) 90,4
Heating water temperature (min-max) (+/-3) (C°) 40 - 80
Domestic hot water temperature (min-max) (l/min) 37-60
Quantity of hot water Δt 25°C (l/min) 13,6
Diameter flue pipes (mm) 130
Weight (Kg) 28
Height (mm) 740
Width (mm) 400
Depth (mm) 345